eExpedise is a value driven organization that focuses on service leadership, staff engagement and developing our people. At eExpedise our approach to delivering healthcare services is inventive, energizing and above all compassionate. We are looking for people to join who share our aspiration to make a optimistic difference, the confidence to work as part of a team, the insight to spot the opportunity to do things better, and importantly the ability to be enterprising and put great ideas into practice wherever they are needed. It’s the people that make eExpedise the kind of company it is – young and pulsating. We strive to maintain the open culture innate to startups, in which each one feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.

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Shaleen Srivastava

“I consider eExpedise to be more like friends than colleagues. They are truly a team of excellent group of people who provide better service and satisfaction to work with. Any issues that may happen they are ready and help me handle in a timely manner.”
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MD Imran

“From my point of view, eExpedise has outstanding company culture and values. It is a great place to work  with great leadership, talented people. All employees feel as they are integral part of the orgnization and this is important to me.”
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Heena Babu Solanki

“The positive atmosphere at eExpedise is very clear at all levels. People smile, they are helpful and cheerful, people are genuine.”
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